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Meet the Melbourne High School Band

Melbourne High Band provides students with a full program marching band, 3 levels of concert bands and 2 levels of jazz bands. Additionally we have an I.B. Music course, A.P. Music Theory, and Percussion Ensemble.

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The Pride of Mel Hi Marching Band


The Pride of Mel Hi is the most visible and engaging part of the band program. The Pride of Mel Hi is the spirit in the stands at our home football games. Additionally, the Pride compete in a couple of marching competitions each year. 
All students enrolled in band are expected to participate in both marching and concert band unless extraordinary circumstances exist that prevent such participation.
Band Camp is the most important part of the marching band. It is required for every member. 
Band Camp is always 3 weeks before the first day for students in Brevard County.


The Concert Bands of Melbourne High School


The Concert Bands

The concert bands are the main ensembles and are the priority groups for the band program.
We offer 3 levels of concert band: Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Symphony. The Wind Symphony is the most advanced level of our concert band program. The often play medium to advanced level music ranging from transcriptions to modern literature. 
The Symphonic Band is our intermediate level ensemble. They perform music in the medium to medium advanced level. 
The Concert Band is our entry level ensemble. They perform music in the easy to medium easy range. 
Each groups is designed to meet the performer where they are at. This allows for all student's individual needs to be attended to.

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The Jazz Ensembles of Melbourne High School

We offer two levels of big band style jazz ensembles at MHS. The Jazz Lab Band is our entry level group whereas the Jazz Ensemble is our advanced group. Both groups require an audition to be a part of. We are available for local performances, if time allows. If you are considering having the jazz band or a small jazz combo perform at your next event, contact us!



Click on the button below to give you access to the backing tracks for your upcoming audition for jazz!



Our percussion education gives students a focused percussion education on a variety of instruments and styles. We provide outside instruction from trained percussion specialists to give our percussion students more than the normal classroom experience. 
Our goal is to teach percussion not just drumming.