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5 Thing for Incoming 9th Grade Families

Welcome to the Melbourne High School Band Program!

Entering the high school band program can seem daunting. It can be especially challenging to get information too. It is our hope that this page provides some clarity for you all.

The MHS band directors will be visiting CMS and HMS to meet with students and communicate information with them directly about what the next steps are. Additionally, they will share information with the directors at CMS and HMS (and other schools) to disseminate the information to parents.

Here are 5 important things to be prepared for:

When is band camp?

Band camp is July 17 through July 28, Monday through Friday only. It starts at 8:30am and ends at 4:30pm each day. This is required for all members of the MHS band program.

Attending our May 20th registration day is how you sign up.

Where do I sign up for band camp?

Attending our registration day on May 20th is how you sign up. Students will arrive at 9:00am and meet their band mates. They will need their instruments, should be dressed for the weather, and have a bottle of water. The students will meet the band and they will play some of the high school music for Friday nights!

Parents will have a meet at 11am and will get paperwork to complete. Everyone will end at 12pm together!

May 20th is REQUIRED for 8th-11th graders.

As mentioned, May 20th is our registration day and is called the "Meet and Greet" day. We call it that because the most important part of the day is getting introduced to your new band program. It may be scary at first but showing up and getting through the morning will be most beneficial when it comes to being ready to go for band camp.

Summer Sectionals are important!

There are currently Summer Sectionals listed on our band calendar. Sectionals are ways that we help students stay in shape with their playing for the upcoming season. Our only rule is "if the student is in town, the student should be at sectional." So if they are on vacation, or you have one planned, great! Enjoy that trip!

What do we do if we cannot make a scheduled band event?

Communication is key. All we ask is for an email. We understand that since you are new to our schedule and program that you may have already scheduled vacations and trips. Band camp attendance, if even for a few days, is incredibly important. Make sure to send all inquiries and absence requests to and as soon as possible.

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