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  1. Open the iPhone/iPad Apple Calendar app, or any app requiring a .ICS subscription link

  2. Click on “Calendars” at the bottom

  3. Click on “Add Calendar” on the lower left

  4. Click on “Add Subscription Calendar”

  5. Enter .ICS link below in the box, and click on “Subscribe” (press to copy this link below, then paste it in the calendar app)

  6. If prompted, give the calendar a name such as “Mel Hi Band Calendar”

  7. Click “Add” in the upper right

  8. Scroll down and confirm that the calendar is added to the list 

  9. Click “Done”

  10. After a few moments the phone will sync with the calendar; check to see that the calendar items are appearing

If the calendar is showing in the iPhone/iPad calendar list, but calendar entries don’t show up in the calendar itself, try these steps:

1. Visit in any browser (sign into Google if asked)

2. Under Shared Calendars, tick the boxes for the calendars you want to see on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. (if you don’t see Mel Hi Band Calendar on this page, then there is a bigger sync problem).

3. In a few moments, the calendar should begin syncing and you will see the band entries

Apple Calendar: Text
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