Potential Regular Season Practice Information

Regular season practice to start on Aug. 31, 2020

Regular Practice Groups

*all groups are no larger than 48 people

*all groups are further broken down into separate pods of 10 students

Group 1 – Alto Sax, Trumpet, Mello

Group 2 – Percussion and Guard 

Group 3 – Flute + Clarinet 

Group 4 – Trombone, Baritone, Tenor Sax, Sousaphone 

Marching Band Practice Rules

We have, and continue to be, careful and thoughtful about the potential risks that having a band camp brings. To keep our students safe while continuing to learn, we have created the following rules for camp using the guidelines set forth by Brevard Public Schools.

  • Parents are asked to take their student’s temperature prior to leaving the house. Any temperature greater than 100 degrees will not be allowed to attend camp until 72 hours without a fever have passed.
  • Carpooling to camp is not allowed.
  • Students are not permitted to share water or snacks with each other.
  • Students must adhere to physical distancing guidelines. 
  • *Wearing a mask during appropriate times is recommended but not required.

General Procedures

Like the rules above, we have developed a series of procedures utilizing the guidelines set forth by Brevard Public Schools.  These procedures were created with the priority of keeping our entire band family safe and will be followed daily. 

Reminder: All students must complete the required paperwork to be able to arrive and attend practice. This paperwork will be made available by the BPA during the first week via email and in class, Charms, and the Band App (if you are an incoming band member, please complete the attached Charms Information sheet and return to, to ensure you receive all updated information).

Charms Information Sheet – please complete, scan and return to ASAP. 

  • Student drivers should park near the front entrance of the school before the start of each practice.
  • Parents are to drop off/pick up students in the front of the school. 
    • Parents cannot exit the vehicle and directors will not be able to answer any questions during that time.
  • When students arrive, they are required to have with them:
    • 1 gallon water jug* 
    • Sun screen
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Flip folder & lyre (band only)*
    • Their music
    • Their instrument/guard equipment
    • *Failure to have the asterisk items will result in sending the students home. Flip folders and lyres can be purchased at The Horn Section located in downtown Eau Gallie or online. Be careful because the Lyres are built to fit specific instruments.
  • During practice, students will have designated areas marked off that are 6ft apart from each other.
  • Frequent water breaks will be taken (every 20 minutes). 
    • During water breaks, students will have a designated area to stand that keeps them socially distanced from others. 
    • Water fountains will not be available to use so students must bring enough water for a 2 hour period. 
    • Each student will have an area identified by a stake in the ground. They can write their names on the stakes and can decorate them! 
  • At the end of practice, students will be dismissed by group to the front of the auditorium for pick up. 
    • Students cannot be picked up or dropped off in any other area.

What will we be doing?

Our goals for camp are not the same as they have been in the past. This year, our main goals are for our new students to be introduced to their new section mates, get a general understanding of our music, and be introduced/refreshed in how to march.

  • Each group will be placed in either the baseball field area or in the commons. 
    • Baseball field area will be for marching fundamentals.
    • The commons area will be for music sectionals. 
  • During transition times, groups will take a predetermined path that keeps the students away from the other group(s). There will be a very large building separating each group as they transition. 
  • Marching fundamental training
    • Students will be in pods no larger than 10 individuals.
    • Each pod will have an instructor working with them on their fundamental training.
    • Pods will learn the following fundamentals: 
      • Attention, Stand-by, horns-up/horns-down, forward march, backward march, slide position, and box drill. 
  • Music training: 
    • Students will be in pods no larger than 10 individuals
    • Each pod will have an instructor working with them on their music learning. 
    • Pods will learn basic warm up techniques, pep tunes, and our show music. 
  • Music needed for camps will be shared on the Band App on July 24 so that students can print from home. 
  • We will not have the ability to use music stands (which is why flip folders and lyres are always required). 
  • Guard training
    • Students will be in pods no larger than 10
    • Each pod will have an instructor working with them. 
    • Pods will learn dance and flag fundamentals and start some show choreography. 


~ Are masks required for camp? 

  • No, they are recommended. Students will not be able to wear masks while playing their instrument and wearing one while working on marching fundamentals might be very challenging for students. But during breaks, transitions, and pick-up/drop-off we ask that students wear masks. Instructors will be wearing masks during camp. 

~ I see that there is no halftime show material being taught, when will the band learn how to march the halftime show? 

  • Since we are in what the district is labeling as Stage 2, we are restricted to how many students are allowed to be on campus at once. It was our decision to focus our shortened band camp dates on fundamentals and start learning the halftime show drill during the regular practices. Regular practices start August 4 & 6. Practices are every Tuesday (4:30pm-7:00pm) and Thursday (4:30pm-7:00pm). 

~ What will happen if there is lightning or bad weather? 

  • We are working with our administrators to set aside indoor space for students to take cover in case of inclement weather. But if the weather turns sour, we most likely will dismiss our students to go home. We are very restricted when putting our students indoors. We are only allowed 10 students per room, socially distanced. Students who rely on their parents for transportation will contact their ride immediately. While they wait, they will be indoors with groups no larger than the required amount of people based on the BPS Return to Activities stages. 

~ What happens if a student becomes ill from the heat during camp? 

  • The cafeteria is our triage area. Students will be escorted to the cafeteria to cool off and recover. We understand that many of our students have been at home since March and that this level of activity will be a large jump from sitting around for the last few months. If necessary, students who need to will be able to go home if not feeling well from being in the heat. 

~ What will the bathroom situation be? 

  • We are encouraging students to use the bathroom only when necessary. There will be a limit of 2 people in the bathrooms at a time. Students will be required to sign out and in when they need to use the bathroom. 

~ What will the storage situation be since there are only 10 allowed inside at a time? 

  • Since the plan outlined that we are only allowed to have 10 students indoors per room, the band room will not be available for students to enter. Typically, students have stored their equipment in our band lockers and storage rooms. We are unable to do that for camp this year. The plan is that the front ensemble, drumline, and sousaphones will store their equipment indoors. Everyone else (including guard) will be required to take their equipment home daily. Front ensemble, drumline, and sousaphones will have assigned spaces to place their equipment overnight. 

~ Will weekly evening sectionals start up again? 

  • The current guidelines and requirements make hosting these events all too challenging. We have made the decision to not host sectionals over the summer. 

~ Will there be a meal provided like we have had in the past? 

  • Since each group will only be there for 3 hours, we will not provide the students with meals. We are encouraging families to have the students pack granola bars/grapes/apples that they can munch on if they are feeling famished. 
  • No snacks will be provided either. 
  • Students will not be permitted to share snacks either. 

~ What are the fees for marching band? When will we pay them? 

  • Currently, the budget committee is working on revising our budget based on the changes made to band camp. Booster President Kerri Butler will send a separate email this week with the updated fee information as well as required paperwork. 

Informational Zoom Meeting for all! 

We know that we were not able to answer many of your questions. 

To better serve you, we are going to have a “town hall style” meeting on Thursday July 2nd at 6:30pm. 

Please join us as we walk through the band camp plan and take your questions. 

To help us better prepare, please submit your questions ahead of time here (

Topic: Band Camp Informational Meeting

Time: Jul 2, 2020 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

For the security of our families, if you would like access, please email with your First and Last name, the first and last name of your student in the band, as well as the instrument they play.