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Pride of Mel Hi Announces 2022 Marching Show

Each year around this time, the band programs around the country announce their marching show for the upcoming fall season. For students at MHS, that tradition usually has a twist.

Lately, the show announcement (skillfully created by Mr. Kilbury), fakes out the families into not knowing what they are performing. There is always a fake out.

This year was no exception. Was it going to be Toy Story? Avengers? Or were we finally going to do the show that was meant for the 2020 fall season?

The 2022 fall season halftime show for the Pride of Mel Hi will be none other than the show they intended to program in the fall of 2020. The show that was meant for a completely different set of students will finally get its turn on the field.

Announcing our 2022 halftime show, "Artistry in Rhythm: A tribute to Stan Kenton."

Head over to the Media page to access the music folder and check out our upcoming show!

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