We are glad that you are planning to continue your music studies next year in the band at MHS. The high school band experience is fun and exciting. Your middle school band has prepared you well for high school and now you will get the opportunity to become part of the “band family” here at Mel-Hi.

The band program is open to all interested students who demonstrate the desire, ability, and proper attitude to be a member of the group.

Students desiring membership must audition and must have permission from their director. Students will be placed in classes at the discretion of the director.

All students enrolled in band are expected to participate in both marching and concert band unless extraordinary circumstances exist that prevent such participation.

Schedule for Band Camp

July 19-July 24 8:30am-4:30pm – Fundamental Camp – All students reporting. Students will learn how to march and play at the same time! Lunch provided.

July 27- July 31  8:30am-4:30pm – Drill Learning Camp – All students reporting. Students will continue learning the halftime show for the football season. Dinner provided.

Band Camp Details

  • 8:30am-4:30pm? When will my child eat?

-Do not fret. We provide lunch each day of band camp. It is included in the band camp fees.

  • Bring sunscreen for every rehearsal! It is your child’s responsibility to make sure they are applying the sunscreen. We require everyone wear it but the application process is not built into our schedule.
  • Clothing needs to be light and follow the dress code requirements of the school for P.E. class. NO JEANS/PANTS, OR HEAVY SHORTS should be worn EVER.
  • T-SHIRTS, Hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, tennis shoes/sneakers are required for band camp. If a student is out of dress code, they will be sent home. This includes students who are not dressed for the weather.
  • Never wear boots, sandals, or skate shoes to marching band rehearsal!
  • Bring your instrument, flip folder (for holding music and is available at the Horn Section), reeds, mouthpieces, valve oil, and lyre (holds the flip folder and is also available at the Horn Section). It is important that you take your instrument with you when you need to purchase a Lyre. They are not “one size fits all.” Total cost is $12.
  • Bring water to last all day! Eat lunch every day before camp! We are trying to avoid any health issues!

Band camp is the chance for students to learn how to march as well as start the process of learning our upcoming halftime show. The 160+ marching band meets during band camp to learn how to march and play at the same time while making structured formations on the field. Band camp is very important for all band members. It is required that every member of the band attend all of band camp. There is plenty of material to learn that missing even one day of camp will set a student far back. The band does not go back and teach materials so that students who missed certain dates of band camp can learn it too.


Creating drill for the halftime show is a long and tedious process. It requires that the band director know exactly how many members the band will have for the entire year! Unfortunately, this is not always possible as people move away during the summer or move in after band camp. The only good way of handling this is to count on the people who come to parent meetings and turn in their information before school ends.  Mr. Sall has already started working on the drill and doesn’t want to spend the rest of his summer rewriting the drill every time the numbers change. Therefore those students, who enroll in band class, attend parent meetings, audition for their director and turn in necessary forms and payments will earn their spot in the halftime show.

Sometimes missing from rehearsals, band camp, and performances ends in permanently losing that spot in the halftime show. It then becomes necessary to fill those spots to avoid confusion of the members present and from the audience. Students who miss rehearsals may be assigned as an alternate or a rotating position in the band. Alternate positions will be assigned to students in the beginning of the year who have missed band camp and arrive on the first day of school enrolled in the band program. Alternates will fill spots of missing students throughout the year. If there are more alternates than there are spots, then alternates may not ever get an opportunity to be in the halftime show. Seniority, playing ability and marching ability as well as behavior and attitude will go into the decision making process of which alternates will take open spots.