All County Jazz

All County Jazz Charts and Play-a-longs

High School All-County Requirements 18-19

Alto Saxophones and Baritone Saxophones – Alto-Bari HS Latin  –  Alto-Bari HS Swing

Tenor Saxophones – Tenor HS Latin  – Tenor HS Swing

Trumpet – Lead Trumpet HS – Trumpet HS Latin – Trumpet Hs Swing

Trombones – Trombone HS Latin – Trombone HS Swing

Piano – Piano HS

Guitar – Guitar HS

Bass – Bass HS

Drums – Drums HS


Play-A-Long Tracks

F Blues Improv – mp3 –F Blues

Fly Me To The Moon Tracks

Father Song Play-A-Long – Father Song Play-A-Long All Winds

Saxophone Swing Play-A-Long – Somewhere

Trumpet/Guitar Play-A-Long – Friends (Trp/Gtr)

Trombone Swing Play-A-Long – Miles

Bass Play-A-Long – Somewhere

Drums Play-A-Long Track – Lunar